Source: Sega Approached Sony About PSO2 Vita Localization

Source: Sega Approached Sony About PSO2 Vita Localization

by March 31, 2015

What Got In the Way of At Least One Western Release

Sega and Sony may be joining forces for a planned Sonic movie down the road, and they’ve already teamed up to bring Yakuza 5 to the West this year, but there’s one IP the two could not come to terms on: Phantasy Star Online 2.

You may recall that in addition to a PC release that is fully available in English and out now for several southeast Asian territories, a version for the Playstation Vita handheld was also released. A tipster tells TSSZ that talks were at one point, underway for Sony and Sega to join forces on a Western release of the Vita edition.

But those talks fell through when, we’re told, Sega wanted Sony to bear the entire cost of localization.

In fairness, Sega isn’t exactly flush with cash these days. We reported in January that, as of the third quarter, the Sega division has under $850,000 in capital for development available. But with that in mind this does call into question the terms of Sega’s current agreement with Sony to bring Yakuza 5 over from Japan, which are currently unknown. Which side benefits more from the deal, both financially and in the hearts and minds of longtime Sega and Yakuza fans, and no matter how the costs are divided up, will the benefits of publishing to a now generation-old system be worth it? You may remember that the Yakuza series was at the forefront of requests from Sony’s #BuildingTheList campaign from 2013.

There were no talks about Sony localizing the PC version, our source says.

It should be noted that, at last check, Sega West’s stance on PSO2 is that it is still delayed.