Stefan McGarry, PR Head, Out at Sega Europe

Stefan McGarry, PR Head, Out at Sega Europe

by March 31, 2015

It’s Not Just SOA Feeling the Pain

TSSZ learned on Monday via a news tip that Stefan McGarry, a 12 year veteran of Sega Europe, will have his last day at the company today. McGarry’s LinkedIn profile notes he’s been the head of Sega Europe’s PR division for nearly three of those years.

McGarry confirmed the departure in an email to colleagues, press contacts, and this public Tweet:

You may remember that it’s Sega of America that’s been the target of cutbacks and relocation at the behest of parent company Sega Sammy Holdings, at the sacrifice of many well known community managers. But it does not appear the European division will be immune to cutbacks and voluntary departures on this, the last day of the fiscal year for the company.

It is not clear whether McGarry is among the 120 expected voluntary buyouts Sega Sammy is seeking company-wide, or if his position was made redundant.

This may not be the only big name we hear leaving Sega today. We will monitor developments and bring you any important details as they come in.