Sonic X Anime Licensed by Discotek Media

Sonic X Anime Licensed by Discotek Media

by April 8, 2015

DVD Re-releases Coming Soon

For those not keeping track, the launch of the Sonic Boom TV series marked the end of an era: the anime Sonic X ended its run after a massive 11 year run (9 of which were spent in re-runs). But that wasn’t just the end of Sonic X airing on Saturday Mornings — it also marked the expiration date for the Sonic X license in America. What this meant is that there weren’t any North American distribution channels for the show anymore, as its rights reverted back to TMS Entertainment in Japan exclusively (though the show has remained available for streaming on Hulu.)

Today, Discotek Media has announced they have acquired the North American rights to the complete series for Sonic X, and that some sort of physical re-release (DVD or possibly even Blu-ray) is on the way. The rub, of course, is that they have licensed the old 4KIDS Sonic X dub — undoubtedly bad news if you were not a fan of the changes 4KIDS made to the show. The news comes with multiple other Discotek Media acquisition announcements, including Lupin the Third vs. Detective Conan, Library Wars, and Samurai Pizza Cats.

Regarding the Sonic X dub, Sonic Retro user “Kushami” claims to work for Discotek, and had this to say about the upcoming set:

Hey guys,

I’m working on this at Discotek. Trust me, we know everyone wants the subtitled version too.

The licensor requested we just do the dub at this time. When he told me a few weeks back that this was finally happening, it was my first question as well.

I’m also working on Hiscool SeHa Girls as well.

When asked what it would take to see a subtitled set for Sonic X, Kushami replied

Thing is, they didn’t say no outright, they just said for right now they want us to release the dub and just the dub.

It’s completely different in every situation. My best guess is if the dub sells really well they’ll eventually allow the subtitled version sometime later. I don’t really know the details though. The licensor’s marketing and legal people decide what is available and when.

I do know that if the dub set doesn’t sell, the likelyhood of Discotek paying for the subtitled set will be much lower since subtitle sets don’t sell as much and cost more to produce.

So there you go. At this time, it appears this upcoming DVD release will only feature the Sonic X dub, though it does come with good news: last year’s “Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls” CG anime is also coming to a physical medium in North America at an indeterminate future date. In it, the “Sega Hard Girls” (SeHa Girls) visit classic Sega franchises and solve various problems within them in order to graduate from “Sehagaga Academy.” The show ran for 13 episodes and pays tribute to everything from Virtua Fighter to Golden Axe, Space Channel 5, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog.

For those of you hoping for a subtitled collection of Sonic X, it sounds like you’ve got a potentially bitter pill to swallow first.

Should circumstances change, we’ll keep you posted. Thanks goes out to all the people who sent this in as a news tip.