“The Hedgehog” Sonic Fan Short Released

“The Hedgehog” Sonic Fan Short Released

by April 29, 2015

Cosplay To The Extreme

Every now and then a large fan project is released and there’s quite a reaction because of it. This, however, may cause quite a response.

A new fan short called “The Hedgehog” has been released. It stands out as one without a single Sonic “character” and I use those quotes for a reason because the plot to the short explains all:

A lone boy wanders the open landscape of a suburban park. Dressed as his favourite video game hero, he daydreams for adventure but the reality of his uneventful world disappoints him. He follows a strangely familiar man to an old house where he stumbles upon a peculiar truth to his lonely existence.

The message is quite serious and, according to what the makers of the short have said, it is intended:


Feel free to let us know what you think of the fan short, if you wish to watch it, in the comments below. Be forewarned though. The short itself is very depressing and the ending is…well you’ll see.