Previously Unknown Build of Sonic Xtreme Released

Previously Unknown Build of Sonic Xtreme Released

by May 6, 2015

The “POV” dump still providing dividends

It’s been a while since anything substantial has come out of Jollyroger’s Sonic Xtreme dump. Since the last playable version, Jollyroger has continued to sift through the data, all towards getting the PC Prototype working on real Sega Saturn hardware.

In the process, it would appear Jollyroger stumbled upon something previously unseen. As the following Protomedia video explains, Point of View was brought on to help speed up development of Sonic Xtreme. We’ve seen their buggy first attempt, apparently shown as a pitch to Sega Technical Institute, but what nobody apparently knew about was a second build that’s slightly further along and features something that better resembles actual gameplay.

Of course, it’s still not quite a game, but it shows a side of Sonic Xtreme nobody ever knew about, and coolest of all, it’s running on real console hardware. Here’s Sonic Retro user Andrew75 playing the game on a Japanese Sega Saturn:

For those of you out there with modified Sega Saturns capable of playing burned discs like this, or if you just want to try playing around with it in an emulator, a download (and more information about this prototype) is available over at Sonic Retro.