Fan Site SoaH City Returns

Fan Site SoaH City Returns

by May 14, 2015

Rising from the Ashes

It’s always heartening to see a once-beloved fan site come back to life; a few days ago, the Sonic community bore witness to exactly that. You may recall that popular fan site Shadow of a Hedgehog, or SoaH City, suffered a serious hack in early 2013 that led to its permanent closure. Earlier this week, site administrator Stritix formally announced the site’s triumphant return with the following message:

SoaH City is officially back! As a administrator of SoaH City, I decided to fully revive the site. For those that don’t know, SoaH City was hacked and closed in early 2013. After some discussion, the site was brought back and I then began developing the new site which evolved into what we see today.

The site’s theme is a modern update of SoaH’s old theme…I am currently working on fixing numerous issues, rebuilding and improving the site’s content, working on the site’s overall layout, and much more. SoaH is known and still used by thousands daily for its wide range of content; including music, wallpapers, videos, arcade games, which is all being improved upon and brought up to date.

From here on, the site will receive frequent updates. SoaH City will be covering Sonic news, SEGA news, community news, game reviews, fan work, and a lot more.

While the site is still under reconstruction, SoaH City is indeed back. You can find SoaH City on social media sites including Twitter, Youtube, and Google+.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their long term support of the site.

SoaH City garnered many a dedicated fan over the years, and it’s great to have the site back in action. You can visit it and check out its new design here. We thank everyone who tipped us off about the site’s return!