Tamaki: “No Sonic Game At E3”

Tamaki: “No Sonic Game At E3”

by May 23, 2015

No Mario & Sonic Either?

Unseen64 staffer Tamaki is at it again.

You may recall just a few days ago that he put up a video filled with research and stuff we didn’t already know about Rise of Lyric’s development. One thing that Tamaki is also known for: finding out about the plans of developers and any potential games, features, DLC, et cetera before they are announced. In particular, E3 is approaching and now is the time he gets tipped off as to what will be showcased or announced there. If he hears no news, we’re getting no news.

In the case of Sonic it sounds like E3 will not see the attendance of the Blue Blur:

He also went on to say that he hasn’t heard anything about a new Mario & Sonic title either but things are a little more iffy in that regard.

Keep in mind of the wording here: there was nothing that said no Sonic game will come this year. Just that one wouldn’t be announced at E3. Tamaki makes this clear too:


The odds are significantly lower but with SEGA previously saying they’re making their gaming announcements after E3 there’s still room for speculation. Even with E3 it is not out of the question for a shocker. Again Tamaki makes that clear:

As for the reasoning behind this article, in case there’s some confusion out there, this is the first rumor article I’ve personally written. It is only a rumor because of no official word from SEGA or Sonic Team. However with the identity of the source and their info out in the public, especially a source that has already shown accuracy in what they know, I figured it was worthy of an article. Take this for what you will but this kind of news would make sense with SEGA’s stance on E3 this year.