Sonic Dash Extreme video and photos released

Sonic Dash Extreme video and photos released

by May 26, 2015

TitansCreed uploads footage of the arcade cabinet

A few days ago we reported that Sonic Dash dashed (see what I did there?) over the mobile device barrier into arcade centers in the UK. Sonic Dash Extreme is the name of the coin-up version of Hardlight’s title and it was totally unseen…until now.

Community member TitansCreed spotted an arcade cabinet of the game at Butlins holiday resort at the lovely city of Minehead (UK) and showed a few photos of it on his Twitter account. Due to the interest shown by the community, he promised to release a video of it to a few Sonic sites, including our affiliate Sonic Paradise, and he just did, alongside a few photos of the cabinet itself.

He also gave Sonic Stadium a small description about the game itself:

The level and character choice is completely random, in place of your touch pad you have a giant D-Pad in which to make your choice in terms of movements. Left and right for the obvious movements and up for jump and down for dash, in a similar style to the mobile game.

The boss is where things change slightly, and for the worst as it is in the players detriment. You have two target reticules you have to align in order to hit the boss. You only have one chance per area and you need to hit the boss three times, just like in the mobile version to proceed. If you miss once the game ends, there’s no going onto the next level, an instant game over.

All for the lovely price of £1, you end up with about a minute’s worth of gameplay…

You can see the video he released down below, along with the batch of screenshots.

Find a Sonic Dash Extreme cabinet at an arcade near you? Tell us in the comments below!