Julian “Clumseh” Mehlfeld Departs From SEGA

Julian “Clumseh” Mehlfeld Departs From SEGA

by May 29, 2015

End of An Era

Back at the end of January we reported in this mist of the SEGA restructure news bombardment that Julian would be leaving SEGA in a few months. That day has now arrived.

In an official blog post Julian recalled the good times had at the company he worked at twice for a total of eleven years and thanked the SEGA community for their support:

To the fans of SEGA, on the blog, social media, the forums, at events, on email, anywhere at all – thank you. One of my primary goals has always been to help surface your words, concerns, and excitement into every area of the SEGA company. I’ve met some amazing people, carried out some intense conversations, and built some lifelong friendships. The SEGA community is awesome, I’m sad most of all to not have the opportunity to work within it.

Thank you Julian for the hard work! We wish you all the best!