Steve Lycett: “We’re Not Currently Making Anything All-Stars Related”

Steve Lycett: “We’re Not Currently Making Anything All-Stars Related”

by May 29, 2015

Interested Though

The Sonic Mach 2 rumor has been continuing to stir up buzz, the most we’ve seen so far this year. There’s been disagreements on the context behind what Iizuka said previously, theories proposed, and loads more speculation. The buzz is so enormous that fans are still asking developers associated with SEGA on any potential details.

Sonic Stadium and, especially, the community that make up the SSMB have continued to investigate and speculate just what is going on. Among the speculation is that the title may be an All-Stars game and it was only a matter of time before the rumor was brought to the attention of folks at Sumo Digital.

A fan decided to ask Sumo Digital producer Steve Lycett what it’s all about in a private FB conversation shared publicly by that fan, which per the norm we won’t share out of respect for the privacy of that conversation that the parties involved took part in. In the conversation Lycett confirms that nothing All-Stars related is being worked on and mentions no one would be happier that they’d get to work on a new All-Stars title than him. This suggests that interest to make another title, despite it not being worked on at this time, is still alive within Sumo Digital.

As always we’ll keep you up to date on any further developments.