E3 2015: EA

E3 2015: EA

by June 18, 2015

After Microsoft had quite the conference the next one came up. Unfortunately it’s the conference to a company that isn’t the most hyped up for every year. I hope you’re prepared for sports.

Of course I am referring to Electronic Arts, or EA for short. They had another hour-long conference as they normally do every E3. The game list was surprisingly decent in length too:

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Need for Speed
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars Moblie Game
NBA Live ’16
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
FIFA ’16
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst
Star Wars: Battlefront
Madden ’16

Indeed there was sports. Sponsored by Pele and Hoop God, of course. But if you expected anything different from EA you’re not going to get it this year.