Shenmue 3 Stretch Goals to $11 Million Revealed

Shenmue 3 Stretch Goals to $11 Million Revealed

by June 26, 2015

With three weeks left in the crowdsourcing effort, Shenmue III has more than $3.6 million to show for it, and still plenty of time to reach a now expanded list of stretch goals–all the way up to $11 million.

To this point, only the goals up to $5 million had been revealed. Now, we know what else could be achieved with fan support: Starting with the $5.1 million Portuguese subtitle option, moving up to expanded battle system details from $6-7.5 million, to the expansion of the Choubu area, up to the Bailu Village expansion at $10 million and beyond. At $11 million is the intriguing “Magic Maze.”

An update on Kickstarter explains the structure:

When it was decided Shenmue 3 would be a go on Kickstarter, Yu-san methodically structured how the game would fit together, knowing that it would change depending on how much could be raised here. The different elements of the game would form a scaffold, building up from each new system and mechanic that would enhance the game as a whole.

If the $11 million stretch goal were reached, the game would become the third top funded project in Kickstarter’s history, beating the original Pebble Watch. Even half that would put it in the top 10. The website KickTraq right now projects the effort to yield between $4.2-5 million.

In the update, organizers also note Shenmue mastermind Yu Suzuki will be live on Twitch Friday night, at 10PM ET / 7PM PT. He is expected to further detail the stretch goals and ideal vision for Shenmue III, as well as answer some backer questions. We will update here with a link when it’s available, and a summary when the session concludes.