Fan Fridays Recap: January-June 2015

Fan Fridays Recap: January-June 2015

by June 28, 2015

Ordinarily, we’d do three Fan Friday recaps per year, but we’ve decided to scale them back to bi-yearly events that go up on weekends so as not to take the place of that week’s article. With that in mind, here’s what we’ve looked at in 2015 so far. If you missed an article that sounds interesting, now’s your chance to check it out.


Emerald Coast in Sonic ’06 – Modding

Ground Pound Falcon – Remixes

SonicTheHedgehogBG – Computer wallpapers


Cristian Castro – Steel model

VladimirJazz – Artwork

More from Melpontro – Modding


Sonic Adventure 2 Remixes – Remixes

Aoi-Bonyari – Clay figures

EXshad – Remixes

Sonic CulT – Fan site


Sonic Heroes Art – Artwork

cobanermani456 – YouTube videos


func Mathias – Modding

Rocket Ship Resort’s Latest – Game-inspired music

Tee-N-Tee – Speedruns

ShadowLuigi~NG~ – Modding


Sonic Neo Genesis – Fan game

MountyTheBat – 3D renders