67% Expected Mario & Sonic 2016 At E3

67% Expected Mario & Sonic 2016 At E3

by July 2, 2015

What a month it has been. A long news drought ended in a month-long bombardment of announcements. The coming and going of June was no doubt the busiest month SEGA has had all year, not even counting E3. As expected SEGA was there, even if things were quieter than usual. Microsoft and Sony’s booths had the Hatsune Miku VR demo and Tembo the Badass Elephant. However Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and the new Mario & Sonic title was not there at all despite the latter getting a new trailer from Nintendo.

It was rather unusual and it was certainly not what people were expecting. At least that’s what the results from our recently closed poll suggested. I do apologize for the poll being up for so long. There was so much news and so little time in the past month that the poll became an afterthought. Nevertheless we’re back to normality (for the time being anyway…) and it’s time to show just how the poll went:

Do you expect the new Mario & Sonic game to appear at E3?

Yes (67%, 416 Votes)
No (22%, 137 Votes)
Not sure (12%, 72 Votes)

Total Voters: 625

A new poll is now available to vote on. If you wish you can leave a comment on the previous and/or current polls down below!