Stealth Posts “Sonic Megamix” Update

Stealth Posts “Sonic Megamix” Update

by July 9, 2015

As you probably know by now Stealth has launched a Patreon campaign to help him earn a living so he is more free to be able to continue his work on creating and modifying video games.

With this comes updates on his projects and just what he is doing so far. One of which is Sonic Megamix, which got a nice lengthy update post on Stealth’s Tumblr page. He does warn that this won’t happen often so don’t get that used to it. A nice little update video was included of which you can check out here:

Stealth goes into detail on the game, showing off a redone Sunny Shores Zone and elaborating on what has been a rebuilt engine, done so piece-by-piece.

Perhaps the most important segment of the post was talking about the Patreon and how the game would be released:

So, yeah, you might have noticed that in my side-project disclosure, I listed Megamix. As of this writing, I currently have only three patrons, and all of them are Sonic fans, so, here’s the deal.

If I receive a few more patrons, I will personally and to the best of my ability create a bug fix version of “Sonic 1 Megamix” and release it ASAP (could take at least a month or two given the current state of the code)

Now, you might be wondering why I put quotation marks on the name. Well, what we have in development now are actually two distinct games – “Sonic 1 Megamix”, the game you know as represented by release “4.0b”, and “Sonic Megamix”, the game with a greater amount of new content that you’ve mostly only seen in videos. The reasoning behind this is that we used to call the game “Sonic 1 Megamix”, but “recently”, when we started getting more hardcore with content changes, it was starting to resemble Sonic 1 less and less, so we wanted to move away from that aspect. Thus, we removed the “1” and it became “Sonic Megamix”. However, there will be such distinction between the two that I decided to have them both, with “Sonic 1 Megamix” returning as bonus content within “Sonic Megamix”

What I’m offering now is an elaboration of what you know as “4.0b”, which was released “unstable”. I intend to fix bugs, apply tweaks, and if possible without overextending development, maybe add a little extra value in some way. This would be a stand-alone release as “Sonic 1 Megamix”, and would contain none of the content intended for “Sonic Megamix” (such as the newer graphics, the newer layouts, the new enemies and bosses, the CD soundtrack, new gameplay elements…). I know that’s disappointing, but it’s going to take much longer to make that content suitable for end-users, and it will also involve more people than just me. In the mean-time, I know that people enjoyed what I now (again) call “Sonic 1 Megamix” and were disappointed by the state in which it was released at “v4.0b”, so, I will remedy the situation by personally creating a (hopefully) much better release version. Long-term, “Sonic 1 Megamix” will still become a bonus for “Sonic Megamix”, as well as probably gaining a few reasons to go back to it again.

So there you have it. It seems Sonic Megamix is going to have a lot in store than initially thought. And if Stealth’s Patreon campaign picks up it could have even more.

If you wish to check out his Patreon feel free to head here.