Arcane Kids Releases “Sonic Dreams Collection”

Arcane Kids Releases “Sonic Dreams Collection”

by August 12, 2015

When Sonic news and information dry up, people have time on their hands. When people have time on their hands, they get bored. When they get bored, they do things to fill that time. And sometimes, when people do things to fill that time, we get results like this.

Sonic Dreams Collection is a playable parody by Arcane Kids, a legitimate group of developers based in Los Angeles. It’s available for both PC and Mac if you enter the password “grandpa”. We’re trying to figure out if they did this on their own or with Sega’s blessing. Given some of the surreal adult content embedded within, our bet’s on the former, but given the “zero fucks given” attitude taken by Aaron Webber when he assumed control of the Sonic Twitter earlier this year, all bets are off.

The collection, billed as a set of prototypes developed before Sonic Adventure game to fruition on the Dreamcast (spoiler: they’re not), include the rather meta “original character” creator Make my Sonic, all the way up to the Oculus Rift supported My Roommate Sonic where–and I’m not kidding about this–you flirt and try to make out with Sonic.

We’ll let the video play-through from Game Grumps do the rest of the talking, because at this point, I literally cannot even. I need a drink.