Sonic Boom TV Ratings – Week 36

Sonic Boom TV Ratings – Week 36

by September 1, 2015

As expected the next Sonic Boom ratings report has come in.

France has been airing a lot of episodes lately and will have aired the final episode of season one on September 20th. This will be the first country airing Sonic Boom to do so. The United States will follow on November 14th if the Saturday morning premieres continue without any problems. Already people are speaking of the content of the France aired episodes…but I digress.

The premiere of the episode “Bro Down Showdown” obtained 763,000 viewers. You can see the full ratings data in the chart below:

An entire hour of 8am airings are supposed to begin next Monday, the 7th, and continue until Friday. If there’s one thing that Cartoon Network has done more than anything else with the show it is give it gradually more and more airtime on the channel as more episodes have premiered and reruns are able to be done.

The main question that is prominent now: what will the future of the Sonic Boom cartoon hold? All we know is that Cartoon Network will be airing the show in 2016. Whether it will also include a new season later that year is another story. However reruns will likely continue into 2016.

We’ll likely get another ratings report early next week. If so we’ll be sure to let you know of the findings.