TSSZ Statement: One Year Later

TSSZ Statement: One Year Later

by September 3, 2015

One year ago I joined the TSSZ team and formally introduced myself. A lot of you probably didn’t even know who I was at the time which is understandable. And I’m sure a lot of you were uncertain, just as I was, on how things would go.

365 days later and things are settled down. WordPress is a cinch for me now and I’ve found my groove and how I like reporting articles. But this article isn’t written to be about gloating about myself.

I’m writing this to ask you guys something. And that would be feedback. What do you guys think of the work I’ve done in the past year? Is there anything I need to improve on? Have I done well? Have I not done well? I’d love to know.

I do take all feedback I hear from you seriously and I am listening. Case in point: we finally sorted out the spam filter issue. I’ve been cracking down on individuals who have been very hostile towards others for merely expressing their opinions. Both of these problems were something that a lot of you that read our work have brought to my attention. I’ve been passing on your concerns to the rest of the team, especially Tristan. Commenting should hopefully be less of a worry now compared to one year ago. =)

I hope I’ve done a good job for you guys and, despite some highs and lows, that you’re glad to be a reader. I’m still well aware of the site’s past and I hope I’ve helped break the ice for you. It won’t be something that will happen overnight and that has certainly been the case even a year later.

Thank you for sticking with us and I hope you’ll continue to do so as we push forward into the future and Sonic’s 25th anniversary. I appreciate every one of you, irregardless of how hostile some of you may be to each other in the comments, that do stick around and read I and the rest of the team’s content.

Thanks again guys. Have a great day!