SHC 2015: Sonic X Freedom Planet

SHC 2015: Sonic X Freedom Planet

by October 22, 2015

Here’s another entry that might cause some of you to perk up in interest as our coverage of Sonic Hacking Contest 2015 continues with another entry thrust into the spotlight: Sonic X Freedom Planet by Draxirch!

Hello all meets and greets from Draxirch over at Team Chasers!

We present to you “Sonic X Freedom Planet” that’s “Sonic Cross Freedom Planet”. A game that crosses the universes of [Sonic The Hedgehog] and [Freedom Planet].
You will be able to play as [Three] characters once we’ve managed to implement them all.
This hack came about after I completed the hit indie game “Freedom Planet” which started off as a Sonic fan-game.
Ever since beating it I’ve always wondered how Lilac would look and feel in the Sonic environment. And this is the start of something great I feel.
Team Chasers will be working hard over the next few months to implement all of the features needed to truly make this project successful!
We hope you too will stay tuned for more exciting updates on this project!

Download the game today!


It was a normal day in Dragon Valley, Sash Lilac was just exploring to find fragments of the Kingdom Stone after her epic battle with Lord Brevan.
When suddenly mysterious dark portals were opening all over the world, one just happened to open in Dragon Valley too… “What is happening to our world? I thought we were at peace?” she said to herself.
The portals had a very dark ominous aura they were obviously created by something very evil that could control time… an enemy that Sonic defeated long ago had caused the portals to appear. Lilac couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the monstrosity fly past her. She began to feel her boots drag on the ground… “Something is pulling me towards that portal…” She clung onto a nearby rock with her Tendrils in a vain effort to avoid being sucked in…all to no avail…she ended up being sucked in no matter how hard she grabbed the rock.

A changed world…

Lilac awoke in a mysterious land…filled with Green trees…Green Hills and a starry night sky, She saw a nearby sign…. [MIDNIGHT HILL]. She wondered to herself about where she had landed…
But her thinking was rudely interrupted by a very strong force zipping by her… Something very fast must have zipped by her she thought. She used her Tendrils and whipped them around the passerby and whipped them back to her…It was none other than Sonic The Hedgehog speed demon of Mobius.
“Who are you? And why did you zip by without even saying a word to me? You know how RUDE that is?!” She said angrily towards the Blue Hedgehog.
“I’m Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, Forgive me for my rudeness but I didn’t even see you.” he replied back.
“What?! How can you not see me? IM A DRAGON! Clearly not something from these parts?” She replied fiercely back.
“Well excuse me but a speed demon such as myself has no time for this…I must stop Doctor Robotnik from changing this peaceful land into a robotized kingdom.” He said as he began to ready a dash.
“Doctor Robotnik? Well… I defeated some evil force known as Brevan sometime ago…perhaps I could be of assistance to you?” She got up and proposed an alliance with Sonic.
“Well sure I could use the assistance…but might I know your name?” He responded back.
“I’m Lilac, Sash Lilac, Ex-member of the Red Scarves! Pleased to make your acquaintance Sonic.” She held out her hand.
“The feelings mutual Lilac, now lets speed! Can you keep up?”
“Don’t underestimate me…I’m a Dragon with an attitude…” She said as she dashed off into the Midnight Hill Zone.

And thus her adventure began.


Sash Lilac

The main character of this adventure. Transported into a new world she must use her powers to turn the tides against the evil Doctor Robotnik.
In a later build she’ll have her signature abilities such as the Dragon Dash and her ever useful Dragon Cyclone move.

Carol Tea

Secondary playable character (Will not be added til a later build.) Lilac’s long time friend was also transported into this world by one of the mysterious portals in her world.


Tertiary playable character (Will not be added til a later build.) Met Lilac on her adventures 2 years ago and was mysteriously swept away from her world while she was asleep.

The zone names are
Midnight Hill Zone, Old Castle Zone, Scrap Yard Zone, Lapis Labyrinth Zone, Desolate City Zone, Trap Factory Zone and Final Zone.

Leader of Team Chasers.