New Sonic X-Treme Level Editor Build Released

New Sonic X-Treme Level Editor Build Released

by October 24, 2015

Late on Friday, the team behind the ongoing Sonic X-Treme STI Engine Level Editor released a new and significant build to the public, version 037 release 3.

According to the release details on Sonic Retro, the new version includes some 150 levels for exploration and research–many unseen by the public before:

For the latest release of Jollyroger’s modern Windows port for Ofer’s V037 NV1 engine, This release breaks away from the “AS IS” state of our last release by adding:
*the ability to play music.
*Incorporates A camera distance Function which can be tweaked in each .def file to counterbalance level depth scaling differences vs Sonic’s distance to camera.
*The engine now has a Global configuration file for Sonic’s main physics attributes among other engine settings. (like V038 and above)
*Over 150 playable original STI experimental test levels are now included in the release, however many are duplicate files which
have different adjusted attributes like texture physics settings to help slow or speed sonic up in specific situations. Or are snapshots in time showing a level’s development history from start to finish.

Each and every Level.def file that is playable with the release engine had to be edited like so:
*Sonic’s main Physics were stripped out.
*Player parameter changed from Static to player.
*New Camera parameters set up and adjusted, to match camera distance between levels that had different depth scaling.
* Some color pallet links corrected.
*Replace all Ring and Enemy Blocks with Actors so that Sonic could pass threw them, and possibly interact with them in a future release.
*Attempted to tweak physics in the new Global file to make the game feel a little more playable.

Besides the modified levels, All of the original Level files and assets are also included in this leak in an unmodified form,
including levels that do not work with our engine since the levels are from older engine builds that we do not have.
There are also partial levels for other builds of the game as well.

You can watch a preview of the build in action below, or go straight to Mega to download it.