Ken Penders: “There Are Actually a Number of Players Involved”

Ken Penders: “There Are Actually a Number of Players Involved”

by November 16, 2015

The ongoing tweeting from Ken Penders continues. However the latest tweets may imply that the matter is worse than previously thought.

It seems it is not just Penders who is involved in this:

He also clarified more on the app problem:

It was only touched upon in that one tweet. The topic changed back to the parties involved:

Yet again Penders makes his point. He is not alone:

If you don’t know what a freelancer is let me explain. It is a person who is self-employed and not committed to a particular employer long-term. Some of them choose to be represented by a company or temporary agency that resells work to their clients. Others simply work independently and use professional associations or websites to get work.

Things may have gotten complicated with Archie in this kind of business which caused problems to arise. The rights of a creator when doing freelance work is critical and exactly what they did in this line of work is just as critical. Ken Penders was one of those Archie freelancers:

The fact Penders specifically mentions that there are also “40+ freelancers who never signed any documents” is not a good sign. Something went wrong. And judging by another tweet from Ken Penders this and the lawsuit previously covered was not the beginning:

It seems royalties are also something he has concerns about:

Royalties are payments that the owner of content receives from parties who wish to use that content. In other words it is the money you give to people so you don’t give sued for copyright infringement.

From the sounds of it this is the continuation of the entire fiasco two years ago, the last developments having happened in late October of 2013. The parties involved reached a settlement. That settlement may be the agreement that Penders has claimed to have been breached. This, coupled with what might be a desire to receive royalties for his work, is implying that Ken Penders and Archie Comics may be heading to court again soon. And now we know Penders is not alone.