Sega trademarks Sega Cyclone: New hardware incoming?

Sega trademarks Sega Cyclone: New hardware incoming?

by November 24, 2015

Sega Cyclone and Liberation of the Blue Sky just got trademarked in Japan.


Seems like there is more SEGA love coming up in the horizon. Recent Japanese trademarks show that the company is working on a new hardware, codenamed “Sega Cyclone”. This is shown by the trademark of a “Sega Cyclone development kit“, found by Sokuho@Hokanko.

It is unknown what his might be, if a new console, or some other kind of hardware. If we look past Sega releases, the most possible is that we’re talking about a new arcade board, in the same vein as the Sega Nu, used for the arcade Miku games, but there is nothing confirmed.

But that is not the only think Sega has recently trademarked in Japan. Along with it, a new game was found, called “Soukuu no Liberation”, or Liberation of the Blue Sky. Like the hardware found, there is no info about this new game, but by the name sounds like a new IP.

We’ll report as soon as more info about any of them is available. Meanwhile, you can tell us what you think this mysterious Sega Cyclone might be, or what you think about Liberation of the Blue Sky at the comments section.

Source: Gematsu