Sonic Runners 2.0 Probably Launches on Friday

Sonic Runners 2.0 Probably Launches on Friday

by November 26, 2015

New characters, new modes

Sonic Runners version 2.0 is coming soon. If you live in Japan, it will launch this Friday. If you live somewhere else… well, let’s cross our fingers and hope it also launches this Friday. The news comes from the @SonicRunners_JP account, which mentions an upcoming maintenance on the 27th in order to launch the new version:

@SonicRunners_US launched in June with the English version of the game, and one would expect it to be a place to find English information about upcoming updates, but it hasn’t been touched since it launched.

Sonic Runners 2.0 will launch with a bunch of new goodies, the most significant being a brand new “Quick Mode”.

The machine translation is a little spotty on this one, but it sounds like you’ll essentially be racing against the clock to grab as many points before time runs out. Time extension items can also be collected, putting more time on the clock so your runs last longer. Many changes in Sonic Runners 2.0 seem to be revolving around this new Quick Mode, including an increase in the default number of recovery items from 3 to 5.

Quick Mode will also pit you directly against another user on the leaderboard, and you can bet a certain number of Red Star Rings on whether or not you can beat your opponent’s score.

Sonic Runners 2.0 will also introduce daily login bonuses, a common feature of many free-to-play mobile games. Technically Sonic Runners already offers something of a login bonus — your first run of any given day will contain a selection of free items the player can take with them, but this new login bonus system will be a more traditional implementation of this feature.

It also sounds like other common mobile game functionality is coming with Runners 2.0, like the ability to “Limit Break” certain characters and possibly transcend the game’s level cap. Characters with higher limit break levels will gain extra time on the clock for Quick Mode.

Sonic Runners 2.0 will also be coming with two new characters: Silver and Gothic Amy Rose.

Silver - Sonic Runners 2.0 Promo Art

Silver was primarily only available to users who were willing to pay for him (or stockpile huge amounts of resources), but he will be getting added to the Premium Roulette with the launch of version 2.0. Silver’s gimmick is that he moves more slowly, intended to be a good starting point for those of us who are less dexterous and cannot keep up with the game’s speed. But to keep things balanced, any scores acquired while using Silver will be cut in half. During 2.0’s launch week, users who play Sonic Runners every day for five consecutive days will get Silver for free as a login bonus.

Gothic Lolita Amy Rose - Sonic Runners 2.0 Promo Art

Gothic Amy Rose will be replacing normal Amy Rose as the character you are awarded for getting your Facebook friends to play Sonic Runners.

All in all, it sounds like quite a hefty update for what is approaching the game’s one year anniversary. I only hope that it also includes optimization; since the Halloween update, Sonic Runners has done nothing but stutter and crash on my device, to the point where the game often borderlines on being unplayable. A “Version 2.0” is as good of a time as any to see what’s been fixed, right?

If this doesn’t also drop in America on Black Friday, we’ll make sure to keep you posted for when it does.