SEGA: “We Should Change Mindset To Focusing On Creating Moving Experiences For Fans”

SEGA: “We Should Change Mindset To Focusing On Creating Moving Experiences For Fans”

by November 30, 2015

SEGA Sammy has released its annual report which previews its plans for the coming year and much more.

We have heard this before but it seems the intent remains. SEGA wants to regain trust again.

The SEGA Group’s mindset is changing.

Until the 1990s, by remaining an innovator the former SEGA CORPORATION adhered to its founding principle: “CREATION IS OUR LIFE.” However, I feel that during the long slump in the 2000s we perhaps lost some pride in the illustrious history that our predecessors built. When launching the SEGA Group, I urged all employees to rediscover this pride and create the next chapter of the company’s history in their generation.

Previously, we had quite a strong tendency to interpret “CREATION IS OUR LIFE.” as meaning the creation of new products and services. This might explain why we failed to appeal to the world despite being in the vanguard of the latest developments. We should change our mindset from focusing on creating new products and services to focusing on creating moving experiences for fans. Therefore, with “CREATION IS OUR LIFE.” as our most important value, we redefined our role and mission as continuing to create moving experiences. At the same time, we set out Game Changer as a target profile.

To better communicate the new SEGA Group’s mission and target profile, we produced a mission video and distributed it widely in-house. As a result, I have a real sense that employees are steadily regaining pride.

Although the SEGA brand that we established around the world has weakened, we still have name recognition. By pursuing quality rigorously and continuing to exceed expectations, I want to regain trust and restore the SEGA brand’s luster.

The new SEGA Group’s future is promising. We have begun moving forward with our sights set on creating new paradigms for games, industries, and society as a Game Changer.