Crush 40 is working on a new album for 2016

Crush 40 is working on a new album for 2016

by December 2, 2015

Crush 40 seems to be back in shape, or at least trying to. After some time of relative silence, their latest concerts in Youmacon 2015 ( Detroit) and Mexico, along with their 2 Nights 2 Remember album from last May look like a step on the right direction.

The band formed by Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli have given some of the most memorable OST’s, from Sonic Adventure’s to their latest full OST, Sonic & The Black Knight. Since then, they only create new songs from time to time, not being related ( at least, directly) to Sonic, or versions of other Sonic themes made by other bands.

Now, seems like they are working on a new full complete album. In a recent Q&A session published by Johnny Gioeli on his Official Facebook page, he confirmed that they are planning a new full length album for 2016. It’s still early to say if this will be in some form related to the 25th anniversary Sonic game, but given how close they still are to the franchise, it is a possibility.

Anyway, it’s good news for all of their fans, as there is always nice to have more Crush 40 around.