Sonic Runners Updates with Christmas Campaign

Sonic Runners Updates with Christmas Campaign

by December 18, 2015

Overnight, Sonic Runners received an app update on all platforms in preparation for a new Christmas themed event.

The event, partially underway and in full swing tomorrow, features the addition of Christmas Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to the premium roulette wheel. All three boost distance bonus points by 75 percent.

Three new buddies will also be part of the campaign. The Christmas Yeti increases your combo score. The regular yeti will activate the Laser power at certain combo requiremenets. And the Arctic Chao will unleash the Asteroid power under certain combo requirements.

NiGHTS fans also have a lot to look forward to in the campaign. Christmas NiGHTS is back on the roulette wheel for a limited time. It affords the game to run at 80% normal speed. Meanwhile, the Christmas Nightopian unleashes the powerful Drill power-up at certain combo intervals. The Ideya sphere will randomize your equipped items.

Elsewhere, the update removed drills once and for all from Timed Mode; a small holdover from the 2.0 update.