Sonic Marathon 5 Begins December 27th

Sonic Marathon 5 Begins December 27th

by December 20, 2015

It’s back!

The crew at Respawn Point, after taking a year off due to life commitments, are back for their fifth Sonic Marathon. Called Sonic Marathon 5 Adventure, the group will once again stream a week of all the main Sonic games and more:

Long time no see!
Welcome to Sonic Marathon 5.

The Sonic Marathon is a yearly tradition here at Respawn Point, every December we gather together and set aside an entire week with one shared goal: to raise some money for charity while bashing our heads against as many Sonic the Hedgehog games as we possibly can. The marathon runs for 7 days straight starting December 27th with no breaks. We’re all fans of the Sonic franchise here, and while we’ll be sure to suffer through a few of the more notorious games the highs of the better entries are worth it.

Sadly last year life got in the way of our plans and after missing out on last year we’re back on track and ready to tackle this challenge one more time. We’ll be playing every main line sonic game and as many side games we can squeeze in.

This year the charity of choice is SpecialEffect; They work with people suffering from various disabilities that would otherwise stop them from playing video games and interacting with the world around them. Special Effect do their best to come up with creative solutions using technology that enable them to enjoy the world and this wonderful hobby we all take for granted. They’re a great group of people who do fantastic work and are passionate about what they do.

Sit back, watch, chat, donate and enjoy! It’s always a fun event for all, thank you for dropping by!

More information about Special Effect’s mission can be found here!

The official site, linked earlier in the article, contains the main game list and an embedded stream so you can check out the action.