Fan Fridays Recap: July-December 2015

Fan Fridays Recap: July-December 2015

by December 28, 2015

With 2016 fast approaching, it’s time for our bi-annual Fan Fridays recap! Below is a list of everyone and everything we’ve featured since the beginning of July, so if you missed an article or you really want to read something again, now’s your chance. As always, we’ll be back in the new year with more content, so stay tuned!


TheVelcroGamer – YouTube video series

chicaramirez – Artwork

ClementJ64 – Let’s Play videos


Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam – Fan event

Sonic ’06 Remixes – Remixes

Hunty – Original music


Sonic & Tails Art – Artwork

Sonic News Network – Fan site

FinnAkira – 3D renders


brianuuuSonic – Speed runs

Sweecrue – Artwork

Moekami – Papercraft


Assorted Sonic Mods – Game mods

Ziggyfin – Fan comic

Sonic Unleashed Remixes – Remixes


Sonic Adventure Generations – Game mod

Gigi-D – Fan comic

mateus2014 – 3D renders