Official Sonic Tumblr Posts 25th Anniversary Hint

Official Sonic Tumblr Posts 25th Anniversary Hint

by December 30, 2015

Two months ago, for Halloween, a new CG Sonic art image was posted by Aaron “RubyEclipse” Webber on the official Sonic Tumblr page which contained some rather interesting tags. It went unnoticed until it was rediscovered on the SSMB.

Those tags are as follows:

There’s something very special about this art but it’s not actually anything hidden inside of it 
though we hid details on the next Sonic game on the inside of the pumpkin but since you can’t actually see that 
we’ll give you a hint as to what makes this sweet piece even cooler than normal 
it’s not about what you see…it’s about who created it! 
chalk this away in your memory – because someday we’re going to come back to it

It’s just another instance of the folks at SEGA teasing and foreshadowing the anniversary to come. While the seriousness may be questioned it does raise some eyebrows.

We’ll keep you up to date as Sonic’s 25th anniversary gets underway in the coming weeks.