Sonic Paradox Channel Returns To Site Team

Sonic Paradox Channel Returns To Site Team

by January 31, 2016

There comes a time when karma makes a big appearance. This is one of them.

A year and a half has passed since the Sonic Paradox team’s YouTube channel was hacked. Since then we have still been hoping for some kind of help from Google but nothing happened. Then our YouTube partner came to our rescue. Over the last few months we had been in the process with our YouTube partner in getting the channel back. Now, we can happily say the plan worked.

Since January 29th, I can now happily say, speaking as the site’s ambassador, that we have recovered the original Sonic Paradox YouTube channel and it is no longer hacked. It is okay to subscribe to it if you had unsubscribed following our hacking announcement. We will have an announcement video about the channel’s return soon although I can’t give you an exact release date yet. We are over halfway done with it.

So what will happen to the new channel? The uploaded videos will be moved to the original channel but we’ll be maintaining a live streaming presence on it. Right now we are focusing on fixing up various things the hacker did to the original channel, such as comment filters.

That said…we are back in business!