TSSZ’s SXSW Sonic 25th Panel Coverage Begins Saturday At 4:00pm Eastern/8pm UK

TSSZ’s SXSW Sonic 25th Panel Coverage Begins Saturday At 4:00pm Eastern/8pm UK

by March 15, 2016

After months of anticipation, SEGA is kicking off Sonic’s 25th anniversary celebrations with a panel at the South By Southwest, or SXSW, event being held at Austin, Texas. SEGA and the gaming media have been particularly noting of some kind of reveal that will happen at the panel. All we know is that it’s not a new game announcement, courtesy of comments by Aaron Webber. However, that’s not to say the panel will not be a dud. We may very well learn some new things from SEGA, and this is also the company coming out from their year-long silence. There is also still the matter of just what the reveal is, and it could be almost anything.

Whatever it is, we’re about to find out. And TSSZ will be there to cover the entire 45-minute panel as it unfolds!

Starting at 4:00pm Eastern/8:00pm UK (it’s a 4-hour difference for the time being as the USA recently had Daylight Saving Time) this Saturday, I and TailsChannel will both be on hand for live stream coverage of the panel. We will both be streaming on our respective stream channels, providing you with all the latest. The panel was confirmed to be streamed live itself, so that will also be something to watch out for.

That’s not all. We will also have information relayed to us from two people who will be at the panel. Noah, TSSZ’s new commentator, and Ashman792 will both be attending. This means we will be able to let you guys know the latest literally as it happens, even before it is broadcasted on the delayed Twitch stream!

It’s the first significant event on the Sonic 25th calendar, and we’ll be there. Will you?



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