Sonic Heroes E3 Beta for Game Cube dumped and released

Sonic Heroes E3 Beta for Game Cube dumped and released

by April 6, 2016

Another piece of Sonic history has been found, although this time it’s not from that long ago.

Some of you might remember that in 2014, a Gamecube develpment disk containing the E3 demo of Sonic Heroes was found. Sonic Retro, along with Spanish site Sonic Paradise got a way to buy it, by a community fundraise and while it took a long time due to technical issues, it is now dumped and released.

This demo was used at E3 2003 to show the game, along with a Xbox build that has been recovered, dumped and released a long time ago. But this Gamecube one might have different secrets hidden inside, so it’s a good chance to research and find more about this game development.

The game won’t run on retail Gamecube’s or Wii’s, since it is locked to development units, or at regular Dolphin builds, but it does run fine with in development versions of Dolphin emulator. It was tested on Dolphin 4.0-7582 but should run fine on newer development versions too.
You can download said Dolphin build here.

There are two versions of the ISO. A trimmed one, that should be enough to run it and play, and the full one for research, so if you’re only interested in playing it, the trimmed one is good and not so big, but if you’re interested in diving through its files, the full one it your best bet.

You can download both at this video description.