Sonic the fighters, now backwards compatible at Xbox ONE

Sonic the fighters, now backwards compatible at Xbox ONE

by April 13, 2016

If you are one of the happy owners of a Xbox ONE, now you’re in luck. Since yesterday, Sonic the fighters joined the list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles you can play on your Xbox ONE ( along with Duke Nukem Manhattan Project and Garou: Mark of  the wolves).

Sonic might have not officially stepped on the next gen yet ( well, if you don’t count Wii U as next gen, that is) but his presence in Xbox ONE is quite big thanks to it’s backwards compatibility. You can play Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic the hedgehog 2, Sonic the hedgehog 3, Sonic CD ( the Taxman version, of course) and now Sonic the fighters too. If you’re also interested on other SEGA games, there are a few retro goodies available too, like Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World, Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe ( and the stand alone Golden Axe arcade too), Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage, Sega Vintage collection: Alex Kidd & co, Gunstar Heroes, Crazy Taxi, and Nights: into Dreams.

To play it, it’s as easy as just going into your Xbox ONE games section, and if you bought it back on Xbox 360, you will have it there waiting to be installed. If you didn’t buy it back then, or you’re using a different account, you can buy them at the Xbox store or at the Xbox official site. Sonic the fighters is now priced at 4’99$.

Since the wait for the 25th anniversary seems to be a long one, this is a good way to calm your sonic urges on your Xbox ONE.