PtoPOnline demystifies “Sonic Extreme”

PtoPOnline demystifies “Sonic Extreme”

by May 18, 2016

No, it’s the one with the skateboards

Goodness, was it really that long ago? Back in 2011, you may remember the Xbox Prototype for a skateboarding game starring Sonic and Shadow called “Sonic Extreme.” Well, that devkit apparently changed hands, and a little over five years after we initially covered it, Past to Present Online has released a pair of new videos regarding this skateboarding prototype.

The first video attempts to dig behind the scenes a bit to understand where and how this “Sonic Extreme“‘ prototype came to exist. As it turns out, Sonic Extreme has roots in a failed Rocket Power game developed for Nickelodeon by Vision Scape. It would seem something about the deal with Nickelodeon fell through, and Vision Scape tried to find another license to attach to their skateboarding engine. The video also tackles some supposed controversy over Sonic Extreme‘s relation to Sega’s official extreme sports spinoff, Sonic Riders.

The second video provided by PtoPOnline is more Sonic Extreme than you can shake a stick at — a full 23 minute, 1080p, 60fps direct feed capture of all of the available content in the prototype.

More archival footage of prototype and unreleased games can be found at Past to Present Online.