Digital Foundry celebrates Shenmue

Digital Foundry celebrates Shenmue

by June 6, 2016

“A Game Ahead of Its Time”

Maybe you’ve heard of Digital Foundry: they’re a subsidiary of Eurogamer, and they’ve really made a name for themselves in doing extremely detailed technological breakdowns, explaining how games choose to render to our displays. If you have any interest in resolutions, framerates, or anti-aliasing techniques, they can’t be beat.

Recently, Digital Foundry has started doing “retro” videos — paying homage to classic games and the impressive technical feats they may have done. It started with the Sega Saturn port of Quake, but their most recent episode, posted yesterday, focuses on Sega’s Shenmue.

More than just a technological breakdown, this video serves as a peek in to Shenmue‘s own development history, and explores ways to play Shenmue on modern displays. If you’re interested in understanding why Shenmue is so highly regarded, this is one video that’s probably worth watching. Digital Foundry promises a future video to cover Shenmue 2, as well.