Sonic 25th Anniversary Party News Summary

Sonic 25th Anniversary Party News Summary

by July 23, 2016

Between here, video, and Twitter, we dedicated and produced an enormous amount of coverage toward last night. We won’t blame you if you missed a story. That’s what this article is for.

Below are links to every single story dedicated to last night’s party. When we chunk up our video coverage from last night, that will also be available here.

Sonic Boom Season 2

Bill Freiberger To Attend, Says to Sonic V to “Learn Your Lines”

Sega Confirms Sonic Boom Season 2, Sneak Peek Coming Later Tonight

Sonic Boom Season 2 Sneak Peek

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania Announced for XBOX One, PC, and PS4

Sonic Mania Studiopolis Gameplay

Sonic Mania Will Be Digital-Download Only, Asks “What If Sonic Continues 2D Glory After S3&K”

More Sonic Mania Footage (Green Hill & Studiopolis)

Sonic Mania Will Have Elemental Shields

Here’s More Sonic Mania Studiopolis Gameplay

Sonic Mania Is “Longer Than Generations, Will Have Boss After Every Act”

Here’s Some Sonic Mania Music

Extended Sonic Mania Video

Sonic in LEGO Dimensions

First Look At Sonic in LEGO Dimensions, Full Reveal Coming Tonight

Sonic LEGO Dimensions Trailer

Sonic 2017

Sonic 2017 Teaser Trailer, Coming to NX, PC, XBOX One, and PS4

Iizuka: Sonic 2017 Project Is “Not A Sequel, A Completely New Experience”

Other Stories

A Sonic Themed Honda Civic Will Debut at Comic Con & Sonic’s 25th Party

First Pre-Party Footage Uploaded

Hyper Potions To Perform When Doors Open

“Secret Press” Attending The Party

Sonic Dash Surpassed 200 Million Downloads, Green Hill / Classic Sonic Coming Tonight

Iizuka: “There Are No Plans To Make SA3, But I’d Like To Make It In The Future”

Here’s SEGA’s Press Release on the Announcements

Sonic Has Trended Worldwide With More Than 161,000 Tweets