Sonic Mania Collectors Edition oficially confirmed for Europe

Sonic Mania Collectors Edition oficially confirmed for Europe

by October 17, 2016

Seems like the leak was real. Sega Europe has confirmed that, in fact, the Sonic Mania Collectors edition is indeed coming to Europe.

European folks can be happy, as they’ve confirmed it will be available for preorder in UK, Germany, France and Spain, albeit exclusively on Amazon.  The collectors edition itself seems to be exactly the same as the American one, so do not expect regional differences on the statue. The only big difference seems to be the total absence of the PC collectors edition, as it has not been listed on any european store.

Along with the announcement via press release, Sega Europe has uploaded a sightly modified version of the brilliant Sonic Mania collectors edition commercial made by Sega of America at their Youtube channel.

You can preorder it at the following links. They might be unavailable at the moment you click it, as it is slowly being uploaded by the different countries Amazon stores.

Amazon UK,  PS4 version
Amazon UK,  Xbox One version
Amazon UK,  PS4 version with Special XXL T-shirt
Amazon Spain, both versions
Amazon Germany, Both versions. 
Amazon France, Both versions.