New Video: Sonic Mania LP Reveals Mirage Saloon Zone

by October 26, 2016

At midday today, a 26 minute LP from YouTube channel Kinda Funny Games revealed a new zone for the upcoming Taxman and Stealth produced Sonic Mania: Mirage Saloon Zone.

The demo showed off act 2 of an area clearly inspired by the long-forgotten Dust Hill Zone, a planned but ultimately scrapped level for Sonic 2. Like Studiopolis, the level shows an array of classic callbacks, including a returning badnik or two from the classic era. Some original gimmicks, including a neat gun-toting launch, can also be seen.

Newcomer Lola Shiraishi, producer for Mania, offers commentary amid the playthrough, and drops some details on how Mania came to be. Shiraishi says among other things that Christian Whitehead originally pitched Mania to Sega. Also revealed during the stream are additional filter options that will be available beyond the already announced CRT filter. No specific details were given about those.

As for Tails and Knuckles’s gameplay, both appear faithful to their classic moveset. Knuckles appears similar to his sprites from the 32X one-off Knuckles Chaotix.

Other items of note include the appearance of a giant wireframe ring within Mirage Saloon–likely indicative of a special stage gateway.

We will keep track of every development on Sonic Mania leading up to the game’s release next Spring.