Sega Reveals Daytona 3 Championship USA

Sega Reveals Daytona 3 Championship USA

by November 15, 2016

DAYTONA LETS GO AWAY! Those of you who are nostalgic classic SEGA fans are surely already hyped by this, as Sega has been teasing about a new Daytona USA since a few weeks ago. Yesterday, some photos of the cabinet were shown but now we can take a look at the real thing.

Just a few minutes ago, SEGA Amusements have finally shown to the public how their highly anticipated Daytona USA sequel really is with the release of a teaser trailer. In this teaser trailer we can see many of the classic features from the original 1993 arcade hit are back, like the highly saturated colors, the incredible music by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, the hornet and of course, its characterstic blue, blue skies.

The game is arcade exclusive for now, with a 8 cabinet setup shown at IAAPA’s Sega Booth wer the game has been revealed. It has many classic features like the colored buttons to change camera view and gears shifter. It has also a new feature, a live camera that records the live reaction of the players and shows it at an upper screen.  Game will have 6 tracks, although the build shown at IAAPA is still in beta form so only 3 tracks are playable.

It is slated for a March/April 2017 release. Meanwhile,you can see the trailer Sega Amusements has shown, and a few photos of the cabinet thanks to Arcade Heroes.