Sonic joins Build-a-bear plushies collection

Sonic joins Build-a-bear plushies collection

by December 5, 2016

If you’re a fan of fluffy, huggable blue hedgehogs you should take a trip to any Build-a-bear store near you, because Sonic is joining the Build-a-bear exclusive plushies for a limited time.

As a part of th 25th anniversary celebration, Build-a-bear will have a limited Sonic the hedgehog plushie on sale, along with a few more goodies. The Sonic plush is  17 inch and comes with his trademarked gold ring and an exclusive print created by Sonic Team. You can buy it for $35 . If you’re more of a Tails fan, you can also have a 13 inch Miles “Tails” Prower plush for $15.

But if you prefer a classic teddy bear, you can also customize your Build-a-bear teddy with a Sonic T-shirt for $7 , and add a digital sound clip of Sonic 3’s special stage to the lot for an extra $7.

The Sonic & Tails plushies are online only, but the Sonic T-Shirt and sound clip are available at retail stores too. The promotion is limited, so if you fancy one go ahead and get it as soon as you can! You can buy them here.