Cook & Becker’s Sonic Art book now open for preorders

Cook & Becker’s Sonic Art book now open for preorders

by December 7, 2016

Sonic art has always been a very important part of what the franchise is today. From the charismatic state-of-the-art 90’s renditions to the grafitti inspired adventure artworks, to today’s CGI art we have many to choose and delight from. Cook & Becker knows it well, and so they have made a very complete artbook tribute to the blue blur in collaboration with SEGA.

Joining the 25th anniversary celebration, Cook & Becker book will come in two different packages: a Standard one, containing just the book, and a special collectors pack that includes the book, an exclusive newly drawn matted art giclee print by Yuji Uekawa and a special outer box that has an inner sleeve that conveniently folds into a display.  The collectors edition is limited to 2500 units worldwide.

The book is a hard cover “coffee table style” volume full of illustrations and art from all the eras of Sonic, specially classic era. It contains key art, illustrations, promotional art and rare material all coming from SEGA’s official manufacture.

If you’re interested on buying one, you can preorder now the standard edition for 45$/37£ /45€ at their website. If you’re more into the collectors edition, get it for 108$/90£ /105€ at their website. The estimated release date is April 20th of 2017, so there is still plenty of time to think about it. But don’t wait too ling for the collector editions, as it is limited and there is a special 10% discount if you preorder before february, so hurry up!