KidRobot unveils Sonic the Hedgehog Blind boxes

KidRobot unveils Sonic the Hedgehog Blind boxes

by December 13, 2016

For the Classic Sonic Collector

You may know about the Funko Pop vinyl figures, but a name that may be less familiar to you is KidRobot, who originally started the whole vinyl figure craze with their “Dunny” art figures. Since then, KidRobot has gone on to make all kinds of other vinyl figures, and now, they’re teaming up with Sega for a Sonic the Hedgehog series of 3″ figures to celebrate the 25th Anniversary.

There’s just one catch: You don’t know which figure you’ll get. These are blind boxes, which are all the rage lately. In plain english, “blind box” means “sometimes you’ll spend money and accidentally get the wrong thing on purpose.” Doesn’t that sound like fun? Also, I lied: there’s two catches. Each Sonic 25th Anniversary Vinyl Figure blind box sells on Kidrobot’s website for $9.99, but KidRobot also enforces a minimum order of $19. That means you have to buy at least two figures, and take it from me, by the time you add in tax and shipping, you’re looking at almost $30 for products with a totally randomized end result.

On the flip side, the photos KidRobot provides of these figures do look quite nice (particularly the Eggman figures). $30 for two 3″ figures may have been too rich for my blood, but maybe you think differently.