Sonic Boom TV Ratings – Season 2 Week 7 & 8

Sonic Boom TV Ratings – Season 2 Week 7 & 8

by January 8, 2017 11 comments

We (finally) have ratings data for the final 2016 Sonic Boom premieres that happened on Boomerang.

December 24th: 111,000

December 31st: 123,000

We should have ratings for the recent premeire in a few days, so stay tuned.

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  1. MetaRyan
    #1 MetaRyan 8 January, 2017, 23:21

    The new episodes are really good, though. They don’t deserve these numbers.

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  2. SuperSonic772
    #2 SuperSonic772 9 January, 2017, 07:26

    Honestly much of Season 2 is an absolute joy to watch and it’s a shame these ratings are so low. Again though, there’s next to no marketing for Season 2 by SEGA or CN… like what is going on here?!

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    • Dave
      Dave 9 January, 2017, 08:46

      The reason why the ratings are so low is because Cartoon Network moved Sonic Boom to Boomerang, CN’s less popular sister channnel that most people don’t have.

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      • Chris
        Chris 9 January, 2017, 17:55

        I’m surprised the Sonic Twitter page doesn’t advertise it though. Maybe Sega is eager to kill off the Boom brand?

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        • Hifihedgehog
          Hifihedgehog 9 January, 2017, 19:09

          Quite possible. There is a consideration number of the old guard in the false who absolutely hate Sonic Boom and would like it to vanish away. They would rather see a Sonic SatAM-esque show which, the show itself, though being far from likely, would have the action and drama the older fans greatly enjoyed as well which is missing-in-action in much of Sonic Boom. As for me, I have come to appreciate this “Sitcom Sonic” but to each their own. I will admit, the show lacks a compelling memorable intro which is probably the worst intro of all the TV shows in franchise’s entire history. Like New York Time best selling books, a quality “cover” or intro for TV shows that wows the target audience and is truly memorable is an absolute must if you want lasting success. This TV show never had this sticking point fixed so it continues to suffer also due to this reason, besides the poor marketing. But if SEGA is truly trying to rid themselves of the albatross around their neck and start with a clean slate, perhaps, considering a more safe and more neutral Sonic cartoon, a la Sonic X minus the annoying Chris Thorn-in-Your-Side nonsense. If so, yes, I would greatly prefer a more normal series to Sonic Boom.

  3. Raw
    #3 Raw 9 January, 2017, 10:10

    This is off-topic and I mean no disrespect for anyone on this site but why do Boom ratings pass as news but not the previews of the upcoming Sonic comics?

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    • SSF1991
      SSF1991 Author 11 January, 2017, 20:33

      Because of lack of interest, surprisingly. Occasionally I do cover them.

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      • Skai Cyan
        Skai Cyan 12 January, 2017, 02:52

        i always checked them out, but i didn’t always have anything interesting to say. Could we please see these return? Maybe in more lump articles instead of individual ones so that they get more views/comments?

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        • SSF1991
          SSF1991 Author 12 January, 2017, 04:31

          We’ll see. To be honest, it’s not just one person I have to consider, it’s an entire audience.

          On the plus side, it’s the only aspect of Sonic I’ve had to take a step back on.

  4. Blinx
    #4 Blinx 10 January, 2017, 22:32

    Well at least we get to see Vector in one of the next episodes.

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    • Skai Cyan
      Skai Cyan 12 January, 2017, 02:55

      Did he look the same? Despite not actually caring about Boom I’m curious what Vector looked like.

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