A Sonic Boom Storyboard Artist May Have Confirmed Season 3

A Sonic Boom Storyboard Artist May Have Confirmed Season 3

by January 14, 2017

It’s not often I write on things like this, but considering the potential source here, it’s something that got my attention immediately. Let me explain.

Sonic Stadium has had a user claiming in the comments of their articles that there is a third season of Sonic Boom confirmed, although it wasn’t known for a while as to why. Eventually, the source was explained.

The user was speaking to something that was put up on the Sonic Wiki, which was relayed from a conversation a fan had on Facebook. It wasn’t just any conversation, though. Allegedly, the fan was conversing with Clemence Liberge, one of Sonic Boom’s storyboard artists. When she was asked if she had been informed of the show getting a third season or not, the answer was blunt:

Yes we know that there will be a season three ^^ but we do not know more

It’s worth noting that there is some validity to this quote, in the sense that it is French. This is because we know most of Sonic Boom’s staff is French, and the show is produced in France too. So that does add some credibility to this. It’s also worth noting that we don’t know for sure if this is the person they spoke to. However, what we do know is, while this isn’t official in the sense that it was publicly announced by SEGA, the fact that it may be coming from someone on the show’s production team is what make this info stand out most of all. It may be a rumor, it may not.

Do not take this to heart as fact. There’s still room to argue that this could be false information. But don’t just forget about it either.