Freedom Planet 2 Playable Sample Released

Freedom Planet 2 Playable Sample Released

by February 2, 2017

Revisit Dragon Valley

As you may recall, the original Freedom Planet had a long history of releasing playable demos — with anywhere from 4 to 5 having been released during its development. Mostly they were just updated glimpses at the game’s first level, Dragon Valley, but each one was an important milestone as the game found its identity and moved toward release.

That trend is now continuing with Freedom Planet 2, which has now released a playable “Sample”.

Please enjoy this Sample Version of our upcoming game! This demo includes a special build version of the level “Dragon Valley” and includes all four playable characters, a dozen items to set to create different difficulties and the first boss seen in the Freedom Planet 2 lineup!

Though the original Freedom Planet featured three playable characters, Freedom Planet 2 adds a fourth, a panda girl named Neera, who makes her playable debut in the sample.

Updates for this playable sample are promised throughout February as they squash bugs and get the game up and running for Mac and Linux users. If you would like to download the playable sample for yourself, it can be found at