Sonic Project 2017: Eggman Is Main Villain, No Multiplayer Features, Game’s Genre Is “Action/Adventure”

Sonic Project 2017: Eggman Is Main Villain, No Multiplayer Features, Game’s Genre Is “Action/Adventure”

by February 14, 2017 63 comments

A combination of a SEGA Bits article and a translation from Source Gaming on Twitter (we’ve included the latter’s tweets down below) has resulted in more information about Sonic Project 2017 from a newly published magazine issue. Sonic Mania is covered in it as well, but all that is mentioned is that multiplayer will be in the game.


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  1. *SOS
    #1 *SOS 16 February, 2017, 12:14

    I’ve never understood the complaints about 2.5d given that other 3d platformers flirt with it all the time, especially Mario. It’s not supposed to be something you notice really except for maybe a “oh hey it’s like the classics view” for a couple minutes. It’s a change of pace, a tool for variety, and a feature that actually isn’t un-sonicy like werehogs or guns. If something like Mario Galaxy is a standard for how to judge the quality of a 3d platformers, well then a 2.5d is a luxury the sonic series just happens to be able to include in the context of having a shout out to the classics. If another series like say rachet and clank attempted a single 2.5d sections, it wouldn’t have the same affect since there’s no old 2d rachet and clank to call back to. So it would be unfitting.
    Take Metroid Prime for example as well. There’s sections for the morphball that become 2.5d almost unnoticeably, yet once you’re in the middle of it and suddenly notice how very classic metroid-y what you’re doing is ATM, it creates that moment of wow that’s clever, this really IS a Metroid game.
    The sonic series hasn’t accomplished that level of quality with a 2.5d section, but if 2.5d sticks around, it will get there. After all, I believe thats why sonic team added them in unleashed in the first place. The potential for a very brilliant thing is that, don’t throw it out with the bath water.

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    • eileenthepizzaqueen
      eileenthepizzaqueen 16 February, 2017, 16:07

      Honestly, the problem with 2D sections in 3D Sonic games is that their layouts always seem so artificial. In the actual 2D games, it feels like you’re traversing an interesting and varied landscape, in every direction, and there’s the potential to find something cool no matter where you end up. It felt like you got to make a genuine choice about which direction to take, whereas in more recent games, the top path is ALWAYS where the collectables are, and the only “choice” involved is whether you fall off of that path onto the bottom one, with no way to get back up. The Classic Sonic stages in Generations captured that feeling of exploration….because they were entire stages, which gives them enough room to accomplish that. Tiny portions of a level? Not so much.

      And Modern Sonic in 2D sections usually feels especially weird. I think they generally made it work in Sonic Colors, and I feel like that’s because they weren’t typically filled with things you could homing attack. In just about every other recent Sonic game, it feels like the 2D sections are just “homing attack enemy, homing attack spring, homing attack the balloons because Eggman’s a festive dude I guess, homing attack the pulley thing that’s kind of hard to see in 2D, just homing attack your way through!” The homing attack just feels so much more dynamic in 3D, you know? Even in the worst 3D Sonic game, I can still find joy in chaining together homing attacks on a bunch of flying enemies over a bottomless pit, but in 2D it feels so much more like a chore.

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  2. eileenthepizzaqueen
    #2 eileenthepizzaqueen 16 February, 2017, 17:15

    I see a few people here suggesting the ability to “switch” between the two Sonics at any point, in 2D or 3D, and…I don’t think they realize how badly that would actually work? Modern Sonic dumbs down 2D stages to a ridiculous extent, and I feel like Classic Sonic would be borderline impossible to control in a 3D stage. Can I make a bold suggestion?

    I’ve been trying to think of other games that combined 2D and 3D, and for some reason my brain settled on Super Paper Mario. I know, I know, SPM’s gameplay sucks pretty hard. (Great story though!) But I think there’s potential in the core idea of switching from 2D to 3D and back on the fly! Intelligent Systems just doesn’t make platformers, but someone competent in the genre could do awesome things with it. (So not Sonic Team, lawl.) You’d have the two Sonics you could switch between at any time, with Classic Sonic seeing the level in 2D but Modern Sonic seeing it in 3D. Just imagine running towards a wall in 2D and, instead of jumping over it, you can switch to 3D and find a hidden tunnel that leads to a few secrets! Or spotting a bottomless pit in the distance as Modern Sonic and, instead of trying to hop across the wildly scattered platforms suspended above it, you switch to Classic Sonic and “flatten” the stage so you can just run across without losing any momentum, because they look like one solid surface in 2D! If they could manage the tech to make the switching fast and smooth (I imagine a brief pause as the camera whooshes into its new position and the Sonics switch out, but maintaining their momentum), I honestly think it would be a good way to incorporate both Sonics into any stage, while avoiding making either Sonic have to function in a level style they’re not optimized for. It would give more casual players the ability to play the majority of levels as the Sonic they like best, while adding a lot of depth for speedrunners to discover unexpected places where switching perspectives on the fly saves you time.


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    • RobotHobo64
      RobotHobo64 16 February, 2017, 20:17

      Hey, at least Super Paper Mario was more fun to play than the entirety of Sticker Star.

      Also, idk how to feel on the tag-out of Sonics, like, what special powers do Classic have that makes him only stay on this one linear path? I think the reason SPM works is because it’s flipping a 2D stage into a new dimension. It’s taking a paper world and showing us a new view we wouldn’t see before. It could work I guess but it may need more to work with it than simply a different simpler path for Classic to have a real purpose to switch to.
      Biggest example would be the final battle against Time Eater, not ONCE did I ever need to switch to Classic Sonic during that fight. Didn’t help that the fight itself is basicly “Boost forward to win” and is probably the most pathetic boss in the Sonic series as a whole.

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      • eileenthepizzaqueen
        eileenthepizzaqueen 16 February, 2017, 22:14

        See, that’s the thing, I honestly think the idea of Classic Sonic as a distinct playable character is dumb to begin with. I’m just spitballing cool things to do with him since they’re apparently running with that idea. To be fair, what special powers does Classic Sonic have in Generations that make him stay on a linear path too? They’ve just decided that’s his thing.

        Let’s see, what could you do in 2D games that Modern Sonic has never been able to do? The first thing that comes to mind is how physics-based the Genesis games really were. If you found a couple ramps to roll back and forth between, you could build up levels of vertical momentum that Modern Sonic never really has. There’s also things like the abilities that come with the elemental shields that Modern Sonic never used….though I guess he used to have that bouncing move. Yeah, you have a point, it is hard to think of unique abilities for Classic Sonic…

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        • Axx
          Axx 21 February, 2017, 12:53

          Classic Sonic, Classic gameplay. That’s it. I don’t think he’s on a linear path from his point of view. lol Gameplay is about technical and practical effects of fun gameplay. So whatever yo. B)

      • RobotHobo64
        RobotHobo64 21 February, 2017, 13:27

        @ Axx
        But it is to us, and similar to what I stated before about the Time Eater boss, what’s stopping from being able to explore said areas as Modern Sonic? He’d just feel like a limited version of another character.

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  3. AManFromDeclan
    #3 AManFromDeclan 20 February, 2017, 08:46

    Why I am suddenly growing distrust towards this game.

    -We already know it has zero Adventure gameplay.
    -2.5D segments again (imply no room for Tails or other playable characters
    -Eggman has always been the main villain for a majority of Sonic games. The fact that he is confirmed the main villain implies that no one else will serve an antagonistic role (Chaos, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Blackdoom, Iblis, Mephiles, Eggman Nega, Captain Whisker, Johnny, Dark Gaia, Time Eater, the Deadly Six, etc.), which probably calls for frequent appearances throughout the game, and bad P&G writing.

    Has SEGA learned nothing? What was 2014-2016 even for?

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    • eileenthepizzaqueen
      eileenthepizzaqueen 20 February, 2017, 16:28

      Let’s face it, the characteristics you just listed also apply to the most critically acclaimed Sonic games of recent years, Colors and Generations. And the last Adventure-styled Sonic games, Sonic ’06 and Unleashed, were some of the most critically savaged. It’s also important to remember there was a point where the Sonic series’ overabundance of playable characters was one of the biggest criticisms directed at it.

      It seems like Sega is TRYING to learn lessons here, but they’re overcompensating because they don’t actually understand WHY people felt the way they did about these things. Sonic ’06 and Unleashed weren’t hated because they were Adventure-style games, they were hated because they were ineptly programmed with tons of questionable design decisions. People complained about the abundance of characters not because it’s objectively “too many”, but because anyone who’s not Sonic had far less polished controls. And I might just be speaking for myself here, but Colors and Generations weren’t praised because people only want to play as Sonic, but because Sega finally had a really good game engine and people were excited to see how they’d expand on it now that they worked out a lot of the underlying technical issues.

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      • RobotHobo64
        RobotHobo64 20 February, 2017, 21:20

        I find the opinions on Colors kinda hypocritical. People don’t like poorly programed gameplay styles yet the Wisps are praised to hell and back when they’re honestly far worse than anything the other characters have done, and that’s not even getting into how Lost World furthered the Wisps decent into over-used gimmicks instead of trying to program a different character with that move.
        I also have to argue the level design in Colors is a slog, with so much 2D platforming that’s just blocky and stiff. Sure, Colors controlled fine (tho the boost was honestly gimped so hard it might as well not have been there) but everything else surrounding it from level design to the gimmicks that they thought they should continue with and thought were actually the future of the series (anyone remember THAT little tid-bit from 2013? I do….) were just made the game a slog when added in imo.

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