SEGA Mobile Game War Pirates Launches Globally

SEGA Mobile Game War Pirates Launches Globally

by February 16, 2017


SEGA’s War Pirates was originally a mobile game created by Jet Set Radio director and Yakuza producer Masayoshi Kikuchi. In August the game received a soft launch in select countries including Australia, Canada, Philippines, Singapore and the United Kingdom. But now this pirate themed strategy game is available for both iOS and Android devices globally for free download.

In War Pirates you take control of a group of pirates fighting against the reign of the Dark Dragons, in a world where pirates are considered the heroes. War Pirates features 14 maps, 300+ quests, 20+ ships, and over 230+ different pirates the player can upgrade and customize. In addition, players can fight against each other in player vs. player matches, and in the future the possibility to have guild vs. guild matches.

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Official PR below

Command your heroes against enemy pirates and legendary creatures in the most immersive RPG experience on mobile.

-Clash in real-time battle against pirates crews, siege fortresses, and crush legendary sea creatures
-Control hero skills and cannon-fire against fearsome enemies
-Test your skill and strategies against other players on the PvP leaderboards

-Experience heroes with individual and unique personalities
-Complete story quests to earn new skills for individual pirate crew members
-Bring the pirate world to life with feature-rich 3D graphics and a high quality soundtrack

-Recruit over 70 pirates and form best-in-class strategies and tactics against enemy pirates
-Enhance and support your pirates with swabbies giving you an extra edge on the Seven Seas
-Upgrade your ship’s weaponry to enhance the effectiveness of your pirates’ attacks