Sonic SXSW 2017: Shun Nakamura Is The Producer For Sonic Forces

Sonic SXSW 2017: Shun Nakamura Is The Producer For Sonic Forces

by March 16, 2017 12 comments

Another face in SEGA has now confirmed involvement with Sonic Forces. It is none other than Shun Nakamura. This is his gaming work resume:

He’s worked for a lot of Sonic games and directed Billy Hatcher, Samba de Amigo, and Rhythm Thief. He was also involved with game design for Sonic R, directed Sonic 2006, and conducted development support for Sonic Heroes. The last time he was involved with a Sonic game was 2009 with Black Knight. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of mid-2000s Sonic, you may be a little more interested in Sonic Forces because of this news.

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  1. SSJSonicXX14
    #1 SSJSonicXX14 16 March, 2017, 23:44

    Will this sure is “reassuring”.

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    • RobotHobo64
      RobotHobo64 16 March, 2017, 23:58

      Hey, if that’s the case I guess we should just lamblast everyone involved in 06.
      Tbh, at least he has the credentials of other good entries in the series. And looking at it, I can see his handiwork with the level design on the first stage feeling like how Unleashed’s was.

      Hey, they could have done much worse and got the morons who were in charge of Sonic Chronicles.

      That and he directed Rhythm Theif. That game is A+ so yeah.

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      • sonicgalaxy27
        sonicgalaxy27 17 March, 2017, 00:05

        Are you saying that sonic Chronicles was a good sonic game?

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        • RobotHobo64
          RobotHobo64 17 March, 2017, 00:22

          The farthest from it tbh.
          A game where Sonic’s a grade A asshat and when yo attack you use up all your turns because Bioware is a bunch of FREAKING GENIUSES yes they are. (And that’s not even going on how the game looks and sounds, blech)

  2. sonicgalaxy27
    #2 sonicgalaxy27 16 March, 2017, 23:55

    Well, this is really interesting so far.

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  3. Hero
    #3 Hero 17 March, 2017, 01:37

    The fact that he worked on the level design for Sonic Unleashed alone has me hyped, I really loved those levels!

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  4. Tezmehbot
    #4 Tezmehbot 17 March, 2017, 01:38

    *sees Sonic 06*
    God please no!
    *Sees Rythmn Their*
    Hell yeah!!

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  5. AManFromDeclan
    #5 AManFromDeclan 17 March, 2017, 01:39

    But will P&G taint this game’s plot?

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  6. TomMagenta
    #6 TomMagenta 17 March, 2017, 02:48

    Aaaaaand I am staying the fuck away from Forces.

    Seriously, how does this man still have a job?

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    • Split
      Split 17 March, 2017, 15:45

      Because he was involved with the Sonic series when the games sold in the millions and not just a couple hundred thousand like the Boom games? That’s likely why.

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    • Trigger215
      Trigger215 17 March, 2017, 16:24

      Rhythm Thief is how.

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  7. Raw
    #7 Raw 17 March, 2017, 09:40

    Nice credentials, I like what I’m seeing!

    Of course a lot of people won’t see past Sonic 06 but to be fair the game had potential, with a lot of cool ideas tossed away and flaws coming in to rush its release.

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