Metallic Madness Day 1 Results and Analysis

Metallic Madness Day 1 Results and Analysis

by March 17, 2017

Thousands of votes were cast on Thursday for the first day of our Metallic Madness matches. As in most head-to-heads, there were blowouts, close ones, upsets, and a few mistakes.

Let’s take a look at how the brackets in the Sonic Scene of 64 look after it all ended:

You’ll note 15 advancements instead of 16. That’s because we dun goofed. Our second to last match of the day incorrectly pitted Sonia versus Momma Robotnik instead of Maria Robotnik. It will be the first match we make up on Friday, with the winner facing Rouge this weekend. We also incorrectly labeled Storm the winner of his first round match with Charmy Bee. In fact, it was Charmy who advances to take on division leader (and last year’s division winner) Knuckles.

Other observations:

  • Even with a Twitter push by Sonic Boom TV writer Alan Denton, Boom Sonic could not survive a close match with Tails Doll. There’s an allegory in here somewhere. Nevertheless, the doll will try to haunt defending tournament champion Modern Sonic out of the tournament this weekend.
  • There were a couple surprising upsets in the day’s voting. Newly revealed metal foe Heavy Gunner didn’t have enough in the tank to take on long time Sonic Arcade stalwart Ray the Squirrel. Ray will face 4 seed Espio this weekend. In the Community division, 12 seed Sonic Paradox lodged a decisive victory over Sonic Stadium, and will face 4th seed Sonic Retro this weekend.
  • The most intriguing match of the weekend so far appears to be Shadow vs. Classic Sonic. Both fan favorites made quick waste of their first round opponents, and will face off for the possibility of facing the defending champion next week.

Friday’s voting schedule is as follows. As always, voting only happens on our Twitter feed.

12PM ET: (4) Sonia vs. (13) Maria Robotnik (re-match)

12:15PM ET: (7) Wave vs. (10) Sticks

12:30PM ET: (3) Tails vs. (14) Manic

12:45PM ET: (8) Radio Sega vs. (9) Sonic the Hedgeblog

1PM ET: (3) Nicole vs. (14) Cream

1:15PM ET: (2) Bunnie vs. (15) Momma Robotnik

1:30PM ET: (6) Big the Cat vs. (11) Metal Sonic

1:45PM ET: (1) Tails’ Channel vs. (16) Planete Sonic (France)

2PM ET: (6) Blaze vs. (11) Amy Rose

5PM ET: (1) Sally Acorn vs. (16) Elise

5:15PM ET: (7) Sonic News Channel vs. (10) Sonic Scanf (Russia)

5:30PM ET: (2) Super Sonic vs. (15) Omochao

5:45PM ET: (6) Segabits vs. (11) Sonic Radio/Revolution

6PM ET: (8) Shade vs. (9) Tikal

6:15PM ET: (2) Sonic Paradise (Spain) vs. (15) Planeta Sonic (Brazil)

6:30PM ET: (7) Flicky vs. (10) Silver

6:45PM ET: (3) Find the Computer Room (US) vs. (14) Last Minute Continue (UK)