New Video: Clean Sonic Forces Modern Sonic Gameplay

by March 17, 2017

Last night, TSSZ’s Noah Copeland brought you the cleanest gameplay footage of Sonic Forces that was revealed at the Sonic SXSW panel yesterday afternoon–video that has been seen by close to 200,000 people since it was uploaded to our Twitter feed.

Today, as promised, Sega released the clean version of that video, and we have it for you above. In it, you can see the first of three gameplay styles promised in-game. This is the tried and true Modern Sonic “boost” gameplay as Sonic dashes through a cataclysmic town reminiscent of Sonic 2006’s Crisis City–perhaps a little too much so given what we now know about Forces.

We’ve more clean materials to share from media releases on both Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania shortly.